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Thank you for your interest in Karmasation! We’ve developed this press kit to provide all the information you’ll need or want to know. Of course, should you desire more information, we can arrange for a phone interview. If you would like to do so, please feel free to contact us via our Support page.
On April 7, 2013, Karmasation launched and became available on the Apple App Store.

Karmasation allows users to both post and vote anonymously, earning and awarding karma points along the way. In Karmasation, each time a user posts, a 24-hour poll is created, giving other users the opportunity to vote and award good or bad karma. Based on the majority vote, the person who posted earns one good or bad karma point. Voters also earn karma points for appropriately recognizing karma based on whether or not their vote agrees with the majority. In addition, as polls close, karma points are plotted on a map so users can identify areas of good and bad karma.

While users remain anonymous within Karmasation, we recognize the importance of social networks, so users can choose to share posts, results, and their karma profile with Facebook and Twitter. People may simply enjoy the self-validation and awareness they gain from using Karmasation, but we’re also hoping that the App inspires some friendly competition to earn the best karma score, thereby promoting positive actions. We truly believe Karmasation can change the world for the better.

For an introductory period, Karmasation is available for free. Afterwards, Karmasation will be available for $1.99 in the United States and priced accordingly in other regions. Karmasation is available from Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPod touch devices running iOS version 4.3 and later.

Karmasation is the first App developed by GFO Design LLC, a company that specializes in creative design solutions.

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For a limited time at launch, Karmasation will be available for FREE on the App Store. Please take this opportunity to download Karmasation for free without the need for a promotional code.

Should you try to access Karmasation during a time when it is no longer free, please understand that because Apple limits the number of promo codes to 50 per application version, promo codes are generally available on a first-come, first-served basis, but may be denied without reason.
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