Truck Driver Rescues Kitten

Is There Good Karma in Advertising?

Matt Kemp gives his jersey, hat, cleats and autographed ball to disabled fa

Justin and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Rochester NY

Saving Cat

Bus driver credited with saving collapsed woman from dying

Karmasation Update

I hope you are all enjoying Karmasation! By now, I am sure you have noticed a couple bugs when sharing with Facebook or Twitter. There will be an update available soon on the iPhone App Store.

Extra Shot of Good

Lexical Investigations: Karma

And without further ado…We present Karamsation, an App that tracks and locates karma. Karmasation is now available on the iPhone App Store! And it’s FREE for a limited time. Download your copy today and start improving a score that matters!

We hope you enjoy Karmasation as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.

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